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Whether you choose speech recognition to streamline your data entry or traditional dictation-transcription processes for efficiency, the Philips product line will cover your needs.

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Fusion® Products

Precision Data Solutions, Inc. is a regional dealer for Dolbey Systems, Inc., providing sales and support of the Fusion® product line. Fusion Voice®, Fusion Text®, Fusion Speech®, Fusion Expert® and Fusion CAC™ are offered as either a highly integrated solution or as modular components. When modular, the dictation, transcription, speech and computer-assisted coding solutions are designed to integrate with your existing solutions to deliver seamless vendor-to-vendor functionality.

Fusion Voice®

The Fusion Voice® System raises the bar in the dictation industry for centralized dictation management for any organization, small to large.

Fusion Speech®

Speech recognition is the most significant technology development in the dictation and transcription industry. Without physician training, or changes in practice patterns, Fusion Speech harnesses this powerful technology for facility wide deployment in nearly every medical specialty.

Fusion Text®

Highly productive, customizable and completely integrated; these are crucial components essential for every healthcare document management system.
Save 500 or more hours per year of data entry. Capture patient stories in 3-4X the speed of typing. But, we didn’t stop there! Click here to learn more.

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